The Digital Dollar 

Sustainable Strategies for Online Success

Publisher: Fairwinds Press
Published: Fall 2012 
Format: Printed Book and eBook
Your prospects, customers, employees and suppliers are expecting great things from you online. How do you plan to deliver? 
This realistic and informative book is possibly the only practical guide in the market place dedicated and designed to help you create and execute a profitable and measurable online business strategy.  It discusses topics such as online strategy, mobile web, social media, blogging, search, email and online marketing. It introduces you to questions to ask about your goals, gives real world answers, and helps you design a customized strategy (digitalroadmap) for your company and your needs.
Don’t miss out on staying on top of your own industry and your own game.
Written for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, government, not-for profits, leaders and executives who want to ensure they have a clear, solid foundation and framework.

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Tourism as a Development Opportunity

The Knowledge Society and Social Networks

Publisher: Federal Investment Council
Published: Spring 2010
Format: Printed Book
Joe’s lectures from the Tourism as a Development Opportunity Conference are published in this book in conjunction with lectures from authors from Argentina, America and Europe. 
In this book Joe highlights the crucial importance for strengthening civil society through the organization of social networks that allow the transmission of knowledge and permanent training of its members.
The innumerable expressions by attendees during the meeting and subsequent thereto, concerning the importance of lost knowledge and experiences transmitted by Joe’s presentation, and the impact achieved and the interest shown by those who could not attend, was the motivating reason this publication was created. 
Limited edition printing. Spanish version available.

Digital Dollars and Sense

Digital Strategy | Marketing | Advertising

Publisher: Concentric
Published: Quarterly Beginning June 2013 
Format: eBook
Joe shares a quarterly free eBook that has a current perspective on the digital industry - 13 ebooks and counting. Each edition is packed with informative and interactive content, dedicated to important activities and topics relevant to your digital strategies, digital marketing and digital advertising.
Written for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, marketers, advertising agencies, government, not-for profits, leaders and executives who want to ensure they maintain a solid foundation of digital knowledge.

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