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Sustainable Strategies for Online Success

Enjoy these excerpts from The Digital Dollar

Digital Dollar Definition

Definitions expand over time. At one time, the term “digital oven” was used to describe a microwave. Carrying a device around that could tell the time and communicate long distances with someone was unusual. A black-and-white tube powered TV was considered “high tech.” “Being digital” now describes a way of being immersed in modern culture.

“The Digital Dollar” is a unique phrase that is used in the title of, and throughout, this book. The digital dollar, in the context of this book, defines all references to our unique perspective of the relationship between your money and the online world.

The Cute Puppy – How Do You Compete?

Most online content competes for audience share. In this competition there are categories of content that are more popular with specific audiences. Within each category of content there are types of media that are more popular than others.

There are certain content categories that drive some of the highest audience attention in the world (Google Trend research 2011). The entertainment world and “cute animal” content both command millions of visitors. In the entertainment category, popular content includes videos from popular artists, movie promotions, novelty “guerilla” produced videos, social channels pertaining to personalities, and news tabloid Websites. The cute animal category consists primarily of videos and pictures of pets or other animals performing tricks, doing something novel or being just plain cute.

Daily Deals – The Social Couponing Phenomenon

Currently a popular form of paid online advertising is deals of the day, sometimes known as social couponing. Daily deal services feature discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. These daily deals are often delivered to subscribers through their method of choice (often email or social media).

In some cases, if the deal is popular with the community, it is made available for longer. In other cases, the deal is available on delivery to the subscriber. Daily deal sales from daily deal providers are expected to reach $1 billion this year (LinkedIn, 2011).

Five Steps to Choosing an Advertising Solution

Choosing the best advertising solution for your company involves many factors, not the least of which are a) your level of experience with configuring and managing an advertising campaign, and b) your spending preferences. These five steps should help you choose the best solution for your organization.

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